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16 December 2021

Seasonal variants from Somersby

Born ugly somersby cider new variants

Somersby continues its successful programme of seasonal flavours throughout the year and into the autumn/winter seasons. Back in 2018, the Born Ugly team had the pleasure of working with Carlsberg to develop a new refreshingly optimistic brand positioning for Somersby. Our team developed the award-winning brand identity based around the ‘living tree’ brand mark.

Several years on, the brand continues to be dynamic, providing a great canvas for bringing new variants to life across markets while remaining consistent and iconic. The Polish market saw the new Pina Colada cider launch in March with tropical flavours of pineapple and coconut. Carlsberg Polska did a terrific job in harnessing the Somersby brand across new products and integrating the identity into new TV commercials.

Born ugly somersby cider new variants pina colada
Born ugly somersby cider new variants hard seltzer

Over the spring/summer months Somersby also launched new fruity flavoured sparkling ciders including Strawberry & Lime, Rosé and Watermelon, helping consumers head into the winter gloom with some late summer vibes!

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