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Compassion In World Farming

Committed to Better Chicken - Raising standards together

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Compassion In World Farming came to us with a challenge:

How do we drive producers, manufacturers, retailers and food service businesses to change their behaviour and adopt higher welfare chicken?

It’s a little known fact, but chickens are one of the most farmed land animals on the planet and suffer a plethora of welfare issues. Why? Because humans find it difficult to relate them. It’s also a difficult subject because it’s about animal welfare and it costs money to make these changes for both businesses and customers. Instead of going down a heart rending route that dwells on the tough stuff, our brand identity system celebrates progress and the small victories along the journey (because it takes time and commitment).

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The Solution

To succeed, we had to bring the plight of chickens reared for meat to top of mind whilst helping people understand that there are better welfare standards possible and that there is a pathway to continuous improvement.

Bombarded by different labels and certification logos, confusion about welfare practices in the food chain is rife. We needed to cut through the clutter and shed light on the various steps toward better welfare, supported by an empathetic brand and brand identity that helped to close the gap between humans and chickens.

Similarly, we needed to shed light on the various steps toward better welfare. The logos of accreditation schemes often oversimplify, painting a suggestion of the end of the journey. But the reality is, the journey is nuanced and only just starting.

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The Big Idea

A Better Tomorrow
Starts Today

The brand identity we created is a beacon of positivity, shedding light on the often overlooked journey of broiler chickens. Through vibrant illustrations and heartfelt messaging, we infuse personality and empathy into every step of their story. Throughout their journey, we bring their experience to life, making it relatable and human for all.

At the heart of our idea is the transformation of a difficult subject into an engaging conversation. We understand the challenges surrounding animal welfare and the hesitance to confront them. But instead of turning a blind eye, our brand encourages people to lean in, fostering meaningful connections and inspiring action along the way.

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The Detail

In partnership with Compassion in World Farming, we introduced a dynamic brand identity to help food companies showcase the progress they were making on their Better Chicken journey.

Complementary to this, we developed an identity system for a set of five key steps towards better welfare. Our suite of icons not only simplifies the Better Chicken Commitment criteria but also disrupts the typically dull landscape of the category with its bright and playful visual identity.


Our key brand asset champions the chicken and the journey towards better welfare. Our iconic symbol is the chicken itself, cleverly incorporating elements like the upward arrow formed by the beak and wattle, along with a heart-shaped comb. A nod towards the journey, progress and compassion we wish to create. We felt it was fundamental to create a character, one that could build an emotional connection with people, making it hard to ignore or turn a blind eye.

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“Born Ugly didn’t just create an engaging and compelling visual identity and narrative for our ‘Better Chicken’ campaign, they infused it with energy, passion and total commitment. Despite its complexity, Born Ugly collaborated with us every step of the way, addressing our intricate brief with authenticity and creativity. We really enjoyed the process and are delighted with the outcome of our work together.”

Dr Tracey Jones
Compassion in World Farming Director of Global Food Business

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