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The Royal Armouries

The Royal Armouries - Choose your adventure this Summer

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The Royal Armouries approached us with a challenge:

How can we demonstrate that the Royal Armouries is relevant now and into the future, and attract more visitors to appreciate its offering?

The Royal Armouries had already begun efforts to make the museum more inviting and engaging through changes in exhibitions, activities, and curation. However, the perception persisted that the museum was stuck in the past.

Our objective was to create relevancy, showing how the lessons of the past relate to the present and future, and highlight the multifaceted nature of arms. Additionally, we aimed to assure potential visitors that the museum offers an exciting and fun day out.

Royal Armouries IRL Romans Bus Ad

The Solution

While video games captivate kids’ attention, they also inspire imagination and playfulness. However, this summer, it’s time to unplug and engage with the real world. We harnessed the power of gaming by fusing the virtual world with the Royal Armouries. By bridging the gap between the screen and reality, we channel gaming imagination into an enthusiasm for the stories the artefacts and experiences represent.

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The Big Idea

Be a game changer

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Coming to life

Motion helped us really illustrate how this campaigncomes to life and bridges the gap between video gamesand the Royal Armouries even further.

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