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Brand Strategy Consultancy

‘If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there’.

Well, this isn’t just true for Alice in Wonderland. It is also true for brands. A brand without a brand strategy is directionless, indistinguishable, unloveable, and unmemorable. A brand strategy helps chart a path to success. No matter what stage of the life cycle the brand is in, it helps identify its competitive positioning, identify a new opportunity space, as well as set the foundations of the brand, including its Vision, its Purpose or Mission, and its Values. All the elements that make a brand a Brand.

As a brand strategy consultancy, at Born Ugly, we look for the potential for extraordinary in every challenge. We are a team of highly-experienced creative problem-solvers that challenge conventional thinking, creating insight-driven and future-proof solutions for brands that break through the norm and transform businesses. While we use trusted tools and methodologies, our approach is never formulaic. We adapt to your business and unique challenge. No brand strategy is born fully formed; we filter every element until we find the potential for extraordinary.

From brand positioning and definition to product strategy and innovation, we create brand strategies based on a depth of insight and experience to deliver solutions that break category conventions and break through the clutter of today. We are powered by truly open minds and different perspectives. We are execution agnostic. This, combined with our bespoke process, ensures we think unthought ideas that really get to the heart of a challenge, unlocking the opportunities of tomorrow so that you and your business can transcend today.


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We Are Award Winning

Behind every great brand is a great strategy. At Born Ugly our award-winning brand strategies have helped to develop some of the most recognised brands in the world. Our brand strategy services have gone on to deliver brands with a meaningful impact, which is exactly why they are celebrated and rewarded.

Best Implementation of a brand development project across multiple markets

2020 Transform Awards Europe

Creative Pool Silver Branding Awards

2021 Creative Pool Awards

We’re not born yesterday

With 40 years experience, we’ve developed business, brand and marketing strategies for brands that redefine convention. We work with large B2C and B2B businesses, and driven challenger brands.

What keeps you up at night is what gets us up out of bed every morning. That goes for new brands defining and developing their objectives, just as much as existing brands wanting to renew and refresh a strategy that no longer serves them.

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Ugly Ideas. Bold brand strategies

Born Ugly believes in a fundamental truth that ideas with true potential are born ugly. Meaningful impact does not come from a tick list or a template, but from tension, curiosity and challenge. Which is why we constantly ask ‘why’; to forge a path for extraordinary experiences that consumers can feel.

Big. Small. Bold

We are challenge seekers and opportunity spotters. Our activators uncover the challenges you didn’t know were there, defining every aspect of your business, from the big to the small, for meaningful solutions and bold brand strategies that make a difference.

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Brand Strategy FAQs

What Is Brand Strategy?

Brand strategy is the foundation for a brand’s journey to success. It is the plan for the systematic development of a brand in order to meet business objectives. It is the source of competitive advantage, as well as distinctiveness and differentiation. A good brand strategy provides future focus and charts a course to get there, from a clear Vision to a supporting Purpose or Mission. And it sets the beliefs, or Values, the brand holds.

What Does A Brand Strategy Agency Do?

A brand strategy agency can help brands and businesses at any stage of the lifecycle to identify a new direction and focus. Using creative problem solving, a brand strategy agency will help identify the brand’s unique positioning and define or refine your Vision, Purpose or Mission, and set its Values.

What Is Include In A Brand Strategy?

A brand strategy normally starts with a round of Discovery to help identify the status quo, as well as the potential future state. Having identified this, a brand’s positioning will be defined, helping to create clear water between the brand and its competitors and identifying what the brand stands for in the minds of the customer. Once the opportunity space is identified, we can create a vision of the future. Vision, Purpose and Values are defined, rooted in a Human Truth, Brand Truth and Product Truth. These make the brand unique and ground them in both a functional and emotional bedrock.

Born Ugly Brand Strategies

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